Ketamine Advocacy Outreach

This is NOT a list of all Ketamine providers in the world.

This is NOT a list of all Ketamine providers that would pay to be on this website (unlike some others).

NOTICE: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BUY YOUR WAY ONTO THIS KETAMINE PHYSICIAN RECOMMENDATION LIST (unlike most others)! While there are limited advertising opportunities available to help us cover our costs, THE ONLYWAY TO GET A SPOT ON THIS WEBSITE IS THROUGH PATIENT RECOMMENDATION! Advertising positions are limited to those already listed here.


This website has been designed by people with chronic pain conditions, for people with chronic pain conditions.​ Considering Ketamine can be overwhelming! This information has been gathered to help you. The providers on this referral list have all been strongly recommended by their patients! There is absolutely no way for a provider to buy a spot on this website.